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Stacy Doty has been a musician most of his life. His parents were both musicians and he learned to play guitar from his dad, when he was 11 years old. Playing guitar and singing soon became a passion. Stacy plays the guitar, mandolin and Native American flute.

As with many young musicians, several bands were formed over the years. Stacy went to Nashville, TN in the mid 80s to attempt a solo career. He was assigned to AMI Productions and had limited radio airplay in the USA and Europe. But when faced with the difficult choice of trying to pursue a musical career in a field packed with eager, hungry musicians, he chose to remain with his family and continue to be an active part of raising his young daughter. It was a decision he never regretted.

Stacy's former bands have been the long running Whiskey Jack and Pearl Handle Band. He was also a member the Sawyer Brothers Band for 10 years. All three of those bands played throughout Illinois and Indiana. He toured extensively with Nancy Hays which helped familiarize Stacy with performing in larger venues. In more recent years, Pearl Handle Band has backed two Patsy Cline tribute artists, most recently Mary Pfeifer, in her Simply Patsy show. Currently Stacy plays in a cover band MOJO which is about to begin rehearsals after Covid forced a year long hiatus. All together Stacy has over 50 years of live musical performance experience.

Joining Stacy at his show is Wendy Dexter. She does not have Stacy's experience with live performance, unless you count singing along with the car radio and singing to her pets over the years. But they discovered quite by accident that Wendy could sing harmony and thus Doty & Dexter was born.

Audiences often comment about our wide variety of music, ranging from rock, country and folk. We enjoy trying to provide the best harmonies that we can. We enjoy meeting new people and seeing old friends

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We are an acoustic-electric duo that features professional 2-part harmonies (think Eagles, CSNY, Fleetwood Mac, Zac Brown Band, etc.) combined with acoustic guitar and percussion and performance-centric musical entertainment.
Here is a short introduction:
Doty & Dexter Professional acoustic / electric variety duo. With combined experience of 60 years performance and touring. 80s recording artist who has also opened for many top recording artists such as Glen Campbell, Ronnie Millsap, Bellamy Brothers, and many others. If interested; please contact via email or by phone.

Thank you Stacy Doty

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